Mentorship Program


Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this program is to support students who are interested in design, and are seeking guidance or mentorship whether it be in the form of career advice or learning new design skills and practices. We also strive to make this program beneficial to mentors by providing structure for mentorship, supplying design resources, and establishing a network of mentors who can help and support each other.

Collage of mentors and mentees

Role of Mentor

Mentor Graphic

The role of a mentor is to provide career and education guidance to their mentees, and to be a resource for quality feedback on resumes, portfolios, pitches, etc. Overall, we hope mentors guide mentees in establishing realistic goals, and create meaningful relationships that foster achievement of those goals.

Role of Mentee

Mentee Graphic

The role of a mentee is to identify their career goals and establish steps they will take to accomplish those goals with their mentor. Mentees should be willing to learn and work with their mentor in order to improve skills in design and networking, and most importantly not be afraid to ask questions!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact [email protected].